OLA Leadership: 2013-2014

Leaders of the Oklahoma Library Association include members of the Executive Board as well as the chairs of the Association's Divisions, Roundtables, and Committees.

The Oklahoma Library Association is governed by an Executive Board of ten voting members elected annually by a vote of the membership. In addition, seven other officers also serve as non-voting members of the Board.

The Program Committee is composed of the chairs of all divisions, roundtables, and many committees. It is responsible for developing all programs presented at the annual conference.

Executive Board

*President: Lynda Reynolds

*Vice President/President-Elect: Shari Clifton

*Immediate Past President: Sarah Robbins

*Secretary: Julia McConnell

*Treasurer: Tim Miller

*ALA Councilor: Stacy Schrank

*MPLA Representative: Leslie Langley

*OKSL Division Chair: Calypso Gilstrap

*University & College Division Chair: Kristen Burkholder

*Public Libraries Division Chair: Angela Thornton

Oklahoma Librarian Editor: Barbara Miller

WebMaster: Charles Brooks

Marketing Chair: April Miller

Federal Relations/State Library Coordinator: Susan McVey

Communications Chair: Nicole Sump-Crethar

FOLIO Representative: Sharon Douthitt

Executive Director: Kay Boies

(* voting member)


Program Committee

Program Committee Chair: Jenny Stenis

Career Recruitment & Retention Chair: Melissa Huffman

CATS Chair: Maureen Goldsberry

Communications Committee Chair: Nicole Sump-Crethar

Continuing Education Chair: Jackie Kropp

Endowment Committee Co-Chair: Lisa Wells

Endowment Committee Co-Chair: Gail Currier

Ethics Committee Chair: Ann Raia

Festival of Books Ad Hoc Co-Chair: Adrienne Butler

Festival of Books Ad Hoc Co-Chair: Bethia Owens

Government Document Roundtable (GODORT): Samantha Clifford

Intellectual Freedom Committee: Leanne Cheek

Information Technology Roundtable Chair: Nicole Sump-Crethar

Leadership Institute Committee Chair: Leslie Langley

Legislative Committee Co-Chair: Laurie Sundborg

Legislative Committee Co-Chair: Brian Shults

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair: Jessica Reed

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair: Michelle Beckes

Marketing Committee Chair: April Miller

Membership Committee Chair: Joanne Huff

OLA Store: Michael Hull

Sequoyah Administration Team Chair: Sarah DiLorenzo

SMART Chair: Tracey Thompson

SRRT Chair: Lenore St. John

TSRT Chair: Cathy Blackman

Tribal Libraries Co-Chair: Robin Mooney

Tribal Libraries Co-Chair: Jan Bryant

Vendor Relations Committee Chair: Dana Belcher

Other Chairs

Archives Ad Hoc Committee Chair: Kay Bost

Audit Committee: Marcia Johnson

Awards Committee Chair: Cathy Adams

Budget & Finance Committee: Sarah Robbins

Constitution & Bylaws: Michele Seikel

Presidential Initiatives: Shari Clifton

Nominating: Barb Pfrehm

Resolutions: David Oberhelman

Scholarship Committee: Sara Schieman

Sites Committee: Rich Paustenbaugh


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