OLA Roundtables

Children and Teen Services (CATS)

Provides a forum for library personnel who serve children and teens and/or are interested in library service to children and teens.

Government Documents (GODORT)

Promotes awareness of government documents as useful sources of information and provides a forum for the discussion of issues related to internatoinal, federal, state, and local government documents.

Information Technology (ITRT)

Provides a forum to discuss, consider and become aware of practices, trends, and developments in the areas of technology and electronic services related to libraries.

Social Responsibilities (SRRT)

Encourages and recognizes the initiation and development of programs that seek to bring library service to individuals normally not served within a community.

Supervisors, Managers, and Administrators (SMART)

Serves members interested in administration of all types of libraries.

Technical Services (TSRT)

Studies the activities, problems, services and trends relating to acquisition, identification, cataloging and preservation of library materials.

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