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The OLA Valentine's Day Endowment Fund raiser is now underway!  Your contribution will help OLA continue its service to the people of Oklahoma.  Please donate now!



The Endowment Fund supports the Oklahoma Library Association’s mission “to strengthen the quality of libraries, library services and librarianship in Oklahoma” by establishing a permanent source of funds for education, leadership, scholarships, outreach and administration of the Association. 

The Endowment Fund . . . 

  1. Provides guaranteed income to sponsor nationally prominent speakers for OLA conferences, workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities for librarians.
  2. Supports the administration of the Oklahoma Library Association.
  3. Allows the Association to respond quickly to new opportunities, forge partnerships, and address critical challenges.
  4. Funds scholarships.
  5. Fosters greater innovation in continuing educational opportunities in Oklahoma libraries.
  6. Creates a permanent home office for the Association which:
    1. Provides a meeting space.
    2. Houses OLA administrative personnel.
    3. Generates income through the rental of unscheduled space as available.  

Your Help Is Needed!

If you would like to support the work of the Endowment Fund and the Oklahoma Library Association, your help will be greatly appreciate!  More information is available on:



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