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Information Matrix Camp 2011: 27 Kids!
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Information Matrix Camp 2011 was an incredible experience for 27 kids from across Oklahoma.  27 kids toured and listened and walked and ate and played day after day.  They rose early and went to sleep late.  They hopped on and off the bus many, many times each day.  27 kids laughed and giggled and were amazed at some of the things they were shown.  And finally, 27 kids learned that there are many different kinds of libraries and the librarians who work there come from a huge variety of backgrounds.  One week + libraries, museums, bookstores, daycares + 27 kids all eager to learn = a fantastic and successful MC2011.

So, here’s a little of what we learned about each other:

  1. Karsten likes macaroni and laughing and being active.  She also loves small children and especially reading to them.
  2. Raegan likes softball and learning more about the different kinds of libraries.  She also thinks libraries offer just about everything under the sun now and she likes it that way.
  3. Ryan likes sleeping and she also likes spending time with others who have the same interests.  Although lots of walking is not high on her list, visiting so many libraries and learning about them is!
  4. Rhys likes his hat and likes spending time in libraries.  His interests are varied and he especially enjoys hanging out at medical libraries.
  5. Regen also likes Rhys’ hat, but he is interested in everything and likes anything ‘library’.  Reading is high on the list of things he loves.
  6. Chynna likes insane asylums (really?!?) and learning and she really likes Matrix Camp!  Librarianship looks fun!
  7. Valerie likes randomness but there’s little room for that in a library!  She thinks that a library career might be a possibility because there are so many options.  She especially likes Matrix Camp and isn’t quite finished attending…….
  8. Brady likes Quantum Physics, and libraries.  He’s interested in almost everything and loves to learn.  He thinks librarians provide an important serves (Thanks Brady!)
  9. Lydia likes swimming and choosing books to read to kids.  She thinks librarians have cool jobs (we do too Lydia!)
  10. Gianna likes hot Cheetos, and kids!  Who knew??  She especially enjoyed reading to the children and she’s been known to curl up with a cat and a good book.
  11. Zane likes sports and he’s glad he listened to his brother!  He’s also surprised to learn there are so many library careers.
  12. Candace likes bright colored objects and meeting new people and volunteering at her library.  She also likes the Library for the Blind and the wonderful things that the library provides for visually impaired people.
  13. Challis likes sports, and came to Matrix Camp because she wanted to learn more about libraries.  And she did!!
  14. Ashtin likes volleyball and having fun while learning!  She likes being exposed to new places and people and especially enjoys reading to children.
  15. Cheyenne likes animals and Matrix Camp because it was interesting.  She enjoys learning about new things and being around kids.
  16. Daniel likes trees and really finding out how things work – especially libraries.  He also enjoys video games and, yes……reading!
  17. Amina likes feathers and reading for pleasure.  She likes choosing books to read to children and especially loves storytimes with kids.
  18. Maggie likes books, especially Harry Potter, and she’s very good when challenged with a trivia game.  She was also caught smiling quite a lot!
  19. Kelsey likes playing the Sims and quietly reading.  She also likes playing games as a large group and loves libraries! (We love libraries too!)
  20. Emma likes music and being around other people who like libraries and books and reading.  She also enjoys making new friends and visiting new places
  21. Sarah likes texting and learning and reading… kids!  Matrix Camp is high on her list of favorite things to do.
  22. Emily likes musical chairs, and she also liked the Library for the Blind very much.  She always, always has a book in her hand and reads at every opportunity.
  23. Jessica likes shoes and making friends and having fun!  She thinks that she might consider becoming a librarian. (We hope so!)
  24. Mary likes animals, to take pictures and to visit libraries.  She enjoyed everything about Matrix Camp and especially loves coffee :]
  25. Katelyn likes basketball, reading to children and learning about libraries.  She thinks that being a librarian might be something she will consider. (We are keeping our fingers crossed that you do!)
  26. Noah likes Matrix Camp and practically everything else.  He especially loves video games and eating!
  27. MacKenzie likes everything, and enjoys touring libraries. She makes friends quite easily and has a contagious laugh!

27 Kids

And we can’t wait until next year!

Leslie H. Langley
Wister Public Library
101 Caston Avenue
Wister, OK 74966
918-655-3267 FAX

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