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Information Matrix Camp 2010: Day 4: July 21, 2010
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It's Wednesday, July 21, 2010: the fourth day of the Oklahoma Library Association's Information Matrix Summer camp.  Today the campers had the opportunity to visit two academic libraries, a law library and a museum.

Once again we ate breakfast in the Reynolds Center.  Then we trekked over to TU's own McFarlin Library (which, along with Rose State College, is a co-sponsor of the camp).  Rita Howell, the instruction librarian, met us in the atrium of the recently completed north wing.

Rita Howell welcomes the campers to TU's McFarlin Library

Rita first took the campers into the library's North Reading Room, and pointed out the beautiful view of downtown Tulsa that the library enjoys.

Campers admire the North Reading Room in McFarlin Library

Since they had seen the TCCL Service Center on Monday, Rita next took the campers downstairs to the Processing area where they could see how McFarlin handles such things as Acquisitions, Interlibrary Loan and Cataloging.

Campers visiting McFarlin's Processing Area

Rita then walked the kids out into the West Wing to see the location of the bookstacks.  Since they had learned about the Dewey System the night before, she briefly discussed  Library of Congress Classification, which McFarlin uses, and how it differs from Dewey.  Then they trooped downstairs to Government Documents.  For whatever reason, a couple of the campers wanted to actually walk through the Documents stacks.  So they did.

McFarlin's Government Documents Stacks

Rita also took the kids to see the microforms area, where she explained the purpose of microforms and the difference between microfilm and microfiche.

McFarlin's Microforms Area

The final stop on the McFarlin tour was Special Collections.  Marc Carlson welcomed the campers and described the sort of materials found in Special Collections.

Marc Carlson welcomes the campers to McFarlin's Special Collections

Marc took the campers into the Reading Room, pointing out the location of the James Joyce library as well as the oldest book in the collection (11th century).  He also answered numerous questions.

The Special Collections Reading Room

Marc really caught their attention, however, when he showed them an otherwise unremarkable biography of George Stephenson: fanning the pages of the gilded fore edge revealed a painting.  As you can see, every camera in the room started clicking!

Marc Carlson reveals a book's secret

Next we headed back out into the heat for the short walk over to the Mabee Legal Information Center (MLIC), the library of the College of Law.  We were met by Lou Lindsey (Associate Director) and Melanie Nelson (Reference and Research Services) who took us to meet Courtney Selby.  Courtney, who works in collection development and instruction, talked with them about her own career choices and answered lots of questions.  Since this was the first time they had been in a law library, Courtney explained what services and information law libraries provide and why they are critical for any attorney who wants to successfully argue a case in court.

Courtney Selby discusses law librarianship at the TU Mabee Legal Information Center (MLIC)

The campers then split into two groups again, one going with Faye Hadley and the other with Melanie.  Faye took her group down to the Native American Law Center and the campers were able to see some of the unique materials available there.

Faye Hadley shows off the Native American Law Center

Then the groups switched and Melanie Nelson introduced the campers to the MLIC archives.

Visiting the MLIC Archives with Melanie Nelson

Before leaving, each group posed for its own photo.

First group photo at the MLIC

Second group photo at the MLIC

Next it was time to meet the TU shuttle and the Rose State van on the north side of the Law School for the drive to the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Schusterman Center where we were welcomed by Stewart Brower, director of the OU-Tulsa Library.

Stewart Brower welcomes the campers to the OU-Tulsa Library

Stewart divided the campers into three groups of eight each.  One group was to tour the existing library, one group would eat lunch, and one group would tour the construction site of the new library.  After half an hour or so they would switch with each other.  Stewart gave each group a small digital video camera to record their tours.  From this the library will put together a YouTube video for the kids to remember their visit to OU-Tulsa. 

I tagged along with the group led by Junie Janzen for a tour of the current facility.  Highlights included the chance to see a big book scanner.

Junie Janzen and the book scanner

And of particular fascination was a map of the U.S. with pins indicating places the library had sent books to via Interlibrary Loan during the past couple of years.

OU-Tulsa's Interlibrary Loan map

Once the tour finished, this group headed for lunch.  While they were eating they had the chance to meet and talk with April Schweiker, a current OUSLIS student.  She explained why she decided to go to library school and become a librarian and then patiently answered all their many questions.

April Schweiker answers questions

After lunch came the real highlight of the OU-Tulsa visit: the chance to tour the new soon-to-be library building.  Stewart led the tour, first making sure everyone was wearing a hard hat because they were about to enter a busy construction site.

Donning the hard hats

Stewart then took the group, accompanied by April, around the entire building.  He explained exactly where everything from the service desks to study rooms would be located.  His enthusiasm was such that you could picture it in your mind, despite the noise, heat and dust.

Touring the new OU-Library construction site

Touring the OU-Tulsa Library's construction site

Touring the OU-Tulsa Library's construction site

Everyone liked Stewart, especially after he revealed that his hobby is collecting comic books.  Immediate bonding took place!

Our next stop was the Tulsa Historical Society, located in the historic Samuel Travis Mansion.  The Society staff divided the campers into three groups, but instead of a traditional guided tour they used the technique of a scavenger hunt. Each group followed clues around the museum that led them to certain exhibits and artifacts that highlighted the major events and personalities in Tulsa history.  Here they're in a room devoted to baseball.  (Appropriate, given our plans for Friday!)

Tulsa Historical Society Museum

And below they're in a room that follows the historical development of the city through a combination of photographs and artifacts.

Tulsa Historical Society Museum

Next door is the former home of Samuel Travis' brother, David.  Today it's the home of the Tulsa Garden Center. Several of the campers wanted to visit that building, so having plenty of time we walked over there.  Not all that much to see, but it did allow us to do the first full group photo of the day on the staircase.

Group photo at the Tulsa Garden Center

And there was time for one more group photo by the fountain in front of the historical society.

Group photo outside the Tulsa Historical Society Building

On the way back to TU, Sharon generously treated everyone to ice cream at Braum's.  (Thank you, Sharon!  It was a wonderful surprise on a hot and tiring day.)

Once back at McFarlin, it was "Computer Time with Tiffany".  Today Tiffany introduced Mixbook, which allows them to create online scrapbooks, and Picnik, an online digital photo editor.

After dinner at Reynolds, it was game night!  Two Wii's were set up in the Commons area, with help from Tiffany's husband, Brian.  Board games were also available and the campers had the chance to spend time with each other in a variety of fun ways.

Some played on the Wii.

Wii players

Others played Scrabble.

Scrabble players

But the game of Charades was by far the most energetic and the most fun to watch!


Tomorrow's agenda is a full one, starting with visits to TCCL's Hispanic, Native American, and African American Resource Centers in the morning; the afternoon at the Tulsa Air & Space Museum; and an evening visit to Hardesty Library to see storyteller Angie Kuehn.  And we'll cap things off with our second pool night.


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