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Information Matrix Camp 2010: Day 6: July 23, 2010
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It's Friday, July 23 - the sixth and final full day of the Oklahoma Library Association's 2010 Information Matrix Summer Camp.  Tomorrow our campers return home with, we hope, a better understanding of how libraries work and a heightened interest in pursuing librarianship as a career.  But before allowing them to escape our clutches, we put them through the longest day of the camp!

Breakfast was a change of pace this morning.  The Reynolds Center is no longer open for meals after the huge soccer camps ended on Thursday. Our group of 24 is just too small to justify opening that facility, so we ate instead at the ACAC Food Court.  (ACAC, pronounced ack-ack, is the Allen Chapman Activity Center, and one of the focal points of life on the TU campus.)

After breakfast the campers began their final day exploring Tulsa libraries.  The morning was devoted to two Oklahoma State University libraries:  one at the OSU Center for Health Sciences and the other at OSU-Tulsa.

At the OSU Center for Health Sciences we were met by Dohn Martin, director of the library.

Dohn Martin welcomes the campers to the OSU Center for Health Sciences

Dohn first took the group into a lecture hall where he spoke for several minutes on the mission of the center and the role of the library.

Dohn Martin

Dohn then turned the program over to Linda London, the reference librarian.  Linda briefly demonstrated Medline Plus and explained to the campers the importance of using resources that connect medical students to reliable, authoritative information, rather than relying on something like a Google search.  Dohn and Linda then made a major hit with the kids by giving them all packets, pencils, and really nice tote bags.  The tote bags were very popular and many campers put them to immediate use.

Dohn next walked the campers downstairs to his library.  Here he introduced them to two young medical students who work for him as work study, Lori Peters and Jessee Bustinza, and to Jessee's husband, Willie Bustinza.  They had placed several learning tools used by medical students on the study tables, such as X-rays, models of various organs, and even complete skeletons.  The campers had several minutes to examine them.

OSU Health Sciences Library

OSU Health Sciences Library

OSU Health Sciences Library

OSU Health Sciences Library

Lori and Jessee then gave the campers a quiz to test their knowledge of human anatomy, giving stress toys as prizes for correct answers.  (Apparently medical students use stress toys quite frequently.)


After this game ended,  we were joined by Corporal Larry Edwards of the Tulsa Police Department.  He talked with the campers about the importance of making good decisions in life, described his job, and even discussed how he and other officers use the department's library.  (It's considered vital for in-service training.)  He also answered questions.  This went on for at least a half hour.  The kids were clearly fascinated to learn about some of the dangerous, and also funny, situations that Corporal Edwards has confronted during his years on the force.

Corporal Larry Edwards

After a quick snack provided by the library staff, the campers trooped outside for one more group photo.

Group photo at OSU Health Sciences Center

Then it was off to the OSU-Tulsa campus and a visit to the library there, hosted by Beth Freeman and her staff.  The first order of business was lunch.  Since we're eating dinner at a ball park, Beth provided the campers with a delicious low-carb meal, including a green salad and two or three pasta salads.  Really perfect for a hot day like today.

Lunch at OSU-Tulsa

After lunch, Beth took the campers into the library's instruction room where she introduced them to Tom Thorisch, the instruction librarian, and Lynn Wallace, Access Services.

Tom Thorisch talks with the campers

Tom and Lynn stressed the relevance of libraries in today's information overloaded world by showing several funny YouTube videos they had found.  One featured the Ghostbusters driving several ghosts out of the New York Public Library's main reading room to the astonishment of the library's patrons who were totally unaware that a video was being shot.  Another was a send-up of the popular Old Spice commercials, called New Spice, that calls on viewers to study at BYU's Harold B. Lee Library ("Study like a scholar, scholar!").  These little videos were a light-hearted way of getting across an important message.

Next came the library tour.  Beth, Tom and Lynn each took eight campers around their facility, demonstrating that even a smaller library must provide the same kinds of resources and services as the larger libraries they had seen this week.  Below, Beth has taken her group into Technical Services.

Beth Freeman takes the campers around OSU-Tulsa's Technical Services area

Lynn shows off the Circulation Desk.

Lynn Wallace explains how a circulation desk works

Beth takes her group into the microforms room.

OSU-Tulsa microforms room

By this point it was getting close to 1:00 and time to move on to the next item on today's itinerary: a visit to the world famous Gilcrease Museum, now being managed by The University of Tulsa.

This picture was taken on the way to the Gilcrease.  (Note to future IM camp planners: tote bags will appreciated and used!)

Campers examining their tote bags

Unfortunately, one of the rules of the Gilcrease is "no cameras", so this is the last picture of the afternoon.  We hadn't even gone inside yet, but already we had two thumbs up!

Gilcrease Museum

We must have spent almost three hours at the Gilcrease, if not longer.  The campers' first stop was the Kravis Discovery Center, where the docents gave them a quiz to complete.  Part of it had  to be completed using the computer and the rest by actually locating and examining items stored in the area.  This must have lasted at least 45 minutes.  Then we met our tour guides.  Divided into three groups, the kids had an hour-long tour of the major areas of the museum, including the newly opened exhibition "America: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Nation".  It traces American history from Colonial Times up until around the late 19th/early 20th centuries.  Among the treasures they saw were the museum's handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence (the only certified copy of the Declaration known to exist), Houdon's bust of Lafayette, and a life mask of Abraham Lincoln.

The campers finished up their visit with a rare treat: the opportunity to visit the museum's library.  Renee Harvey made a short presentation, discussing not only the kinds of resources the library cares for, but also how it cares for them.  Included was a tour into the stacks (off limits to the public) where they saw the vault where the most rare and valuable documents are kept (such as the Declaration) and the "rare book cage" where other irreplaceable materials are securely stored.

By the time the campers left Renee, it was getting close to 4:00.  Time to return to McFarlin Library for the final "Computer Time with Tiffany".   Once more they worked with MixBook and Tiffany gave them directions for how to keep their accounts active and accessible once the camp ended.

At 5:00 we headed back to LaFortune to spend some time before going to the last activity of the camp.  At 6:20 everyone piled into the Rose State van and the TU shuttle one last time and we all headed to ONEOK Field in downtown Tulsa to watch the Tulsa Drillers take on the Arkansas Travelers.


Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and have a great time (including me and I'm not a sports fan!).

Enjoying the ball game

Enjoying the ball game

Enjoying the ball game

Enjoying the ball game

Enjoying the ball game

Enjoying the ball game

Tonight was fireworks night.  So after the game ended . . .




Oh, and the game itself?  The Drillers won, 11-10!

By the time we got back to the dorm, it was well after 11:00.  So the last day of the camp has also been the longest.  Tomorrow morning the campers get to sleep late, all the way until 8:00.  Then a breakfast of muffins, donuts and juice.  (I've been told by one camper that having donuts for breakfast is "Awesome!")  Then we expect parents at 10:00 for check-out and the end of camp.

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