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Information Matrix Camp 2010: Blog Posts from Campers
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Below are some sample blog posts from the campers during the camp.

july 19

Posted by B Jul 19th

i liked the chance too get to know the other campers and too see what they like and what they think of the older members of the camp. I don't think some of the new campers like some of the members of the program but that's just what i think but today was fun


Posted by V Jul 19th

Okay, so I hate writing. (the point in saying that being-if you get anything interesting out of me then it's your lucky day)

Why I came to the library camp: Cause I came last year and I wanted to come again. (I hope you don' have a problem with that)

I am looking forward to SWIMMING!!!!!!! I mean who isn't? (and if your not, don't answer that) :-)

So other than that, I'm just along for the ride. (hopefully that means something fun)

So, that's about all i've got right now.

He's How Old???

Posted by TC Jul 19th

Today we went to the best place in the whole world..... hope your reading this mom ........ we went to a museum, The Will Rogers museum. I learned some pretty interesting facts, such as he wanted to travel around the world, be a comedian, be a cowboy, and he did everything he wanted to. Good thing it wasn't me MY MOM WOULD KILL ME !!! Ok that was a joke, but still getting hurt and killed same difference, right? Back to the museum the most shocking fact, to me, was how old he was when he died!!! 55 aaaahhh I want to LIVE!!! He died in an airplane accident, and that is why I don't fly!

Day 1

Posted by C Jul 19th

The most memorable thing about today is... my legs are sore. standing around for hours at a time, listening to people talk, in a crowded small room isn't my idea of fun. neither is getting up at 7am. its even worse if you dont fall completely asleep until almost 1am. breakfast wasnt that impressive either. i'd love it if my eggs weren't sitting in egg juice. the service center was okay. but i was standing alot. the highlight of central library was the bookmobile and the pin with a picture of the bookmobile on it. Madeline and i are pretty convinced that the Will Rogers place was haunted and the kids area was super creepy. im hungry and tired and my feet still hurt

The Zombie Mannequin!

Posted by ED Jul 19th

Okay, this has been buzzing around the campers for a little while now. Did you see the zombie mannequin in the Will Rogers museum? I bet you did. If you haven't I'll explain, and if you do know, I'll give a recap. At the Will Rogers museum, I was walking around very cool, calm, and collected-ly. I looked in one of the glass panels and my heart nearly skipped a beat. There, looking back at me, was the SCARIEST MANNEQUIN EVER! It had a hideous dress on that looked like a Halloween getup and it was 'shaking' its arms in a needy, bloodthirsty pose. And its eyes were seriously messed up, with black dye running into its eyes. Then Gianna let out a bloodcurdling scream and all the girls downstairs jumped out of their skins. BEST TIME EVER!!!!! (not really. )

information matrix camp

Posted by CK Jul 19th

Yesterday i went to information matrix camp and i only knew one kid. I was scared that i was not going have a good time and then i meat some girls. Then i meat some of my roommates and we started to get to know each other. I loved going to the museum and the food. I will defiantly come back next year.

Eeewww What's That?

Posted by TC Jul 20th

Just like any other day, we got water bottles to drink, of course. But today I left my water in the bus and it got hot, naturally. Also we left snacks in the car, chocolate snacks!!!! They melted . Normally we would just throw them away, but today we decided that with a 3/4 drunk water bottle. I made and drank HOT CHOCOLATE WATER!! It was disgusting looking, but it tasted GOOD !!!

Not only that, but we visited an awesome library it was called the Herman And Kate Kaiser Library it rocked!! We had a tour, ate lunch, and got to draw and paint!! Our lunch there was something I personally have never seen, boxed sandwiches it was good!! They also had a statue, it was metal. Talk about HOT!!!! Anyway the statue was a giant bunny and a little girl reading!! We took a picture on the statue, now it's hard to sit down



Awesome Day!!!

Why I <3 Libraries!

Posted by ED Jul 20th

Hey! It's ED again. This is a short little post on why I am interested in libraries. I have this CRAZY librarian aunt who is a book maniac. She told me about the camp and it sounded like just the thing that would float my boat- I love to read and do computer stuff. It's awesome. So she, well, kind of spread her book mania to me. So yeah. I am addicted and KNEW I had to come to this camp because I would have a ton of fun. I was right.

PS. I bet you can guess the only Christmas gifts that i get from her EVERY FLIPPING YEAR.

July 20

Posted by M Jul 20th

Our first stop of the day was at Borders where we all were aloud to buy a book under ten bucks. I got That Summer by one of my favorite authors, Sarah Dessen. Next, we went to a day care and went to read to children, which was an interesting event. When we got to one of the classrooms it smelled like poopy and this kid came out without any pants. I read to a kid who kept talking about shrek and spiderman, he was really adorable. Then we went to another classroom with smaller babies who cried alot. After that we went to the Kaiser Library and ate lunch there, and learned about a program they have for teens in Tulsa, which is directed by a guy named David; I would love to take his job. Next we went to the Genealogy Center to research our ancestors and to find out what our surnames meant. All in all it's been a good day.

People to see, places to go!!!

Posted by V Jul 20th

So my blog page is kinda acting weird (don't ask me why) I read to two little girls (Kylee, and Julia) at the daycare center. I was looking for someones name today at the genealogy center. Someones great grandma or something like that. I didn't find anything there, but I did find something else about another person so it payed off. Also on my way in here to blog I had my ankle clipped by a golf cart. May I anounce to the world (or anyone who's interested) that it hurts. I will however survive this and live to see a better day. (brighter day meaning: no getting run into by golf carts :-()

So anyway were going swimming tonight. I can't wait to dive. The pool looks like it's really deap!!!

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Posted by A Jul 20th

I wonder why everything has to be so complicated. We went to the genealogy center and I barely found anything about my family besides the meaning of the last names. On the flip side we get to swim tonight!! I know everybody is excited especially since we only get to go twice. I made this abstract oil pastel picture today at the library. Also another great thing that happened today was that we got to read to the kids at the TU daycare. About 5 or 6 kids instantly came to me. It was so cool!!

My famous-people genealogy info

Posted by ED Jul 20th

I had known a LOT about my family history before we went to the genealogy center. These were some of the "famous" people that I knew I was related to before:

Catwoman-I know what you're thinking now: "Halle Berry? No way!" And guess what? You're right. My catwoman is not Halle Berry. (even though I'd LOVE to be related to her.) It's some really old catwoman that probably appeared in the first few Batman movies. And she's like maybe 90 or so now. So see, no freaking out, it's really lame.

Will Rogers- (yes, the Will.) I do not know HOW I'm related to him but it is cool. The weird part? I can NOT do any fancy rope tricks.

Richard Warren: some guy that I'm directly related to that came over on the Mayflower, survived, had kids, and then died. Poor guy.

Mr. Whatshisname: I do not know who he IS but he got a medal from Abe Lincoln.

Yet to discover more crazy peeps. Hope I can soon! :)

From ED, who LOVES to blog. :)


Posted by BB Jul 20th

I know i already wrote but i thought i would write again. It doesn't feel like Tuesday but since it's Tuesday that means the week gets closer to ending but that doesn't matter because I'll just have fun while i am here and remember all the good times. . I also learned that my last name is British and my sisters last name is also British but that is PRETTY AWESOME. The sad thing is my last name means i make plastic tubs, barrels, wood and i don't like that.

IFTM...your just dying to know what that means

Posted by Valerie Jul 20th

I forgot to mention that my last name means: a person who was exploited for doing something. What I did I have no idea, seriously, i've gotten in trouble for something I didn't even do. And now i'm stuck with the last name. But I really don't think it's so bad. My mom's maiden name mean "son of a man named Allen" So i'm an exploited person, who is in trouble, and I am also a person who is the son of Allen.

That maketh no pennies at all. But then again, I don't have any copper to make them with.


Posted by M Jul 21st

Today we went to to the McFarlin Library, a very beautiful building and then we went to Special Collections which was interesting because we got to see an old camera, an old chair, and a whole bunch of old books. We went to TU's Information Center and we got to go look out the construction site where they're building a new library. After that we went to the Tulsa Historical Society and we go to do a scavenger hunt in groups of 8; my group were the first ones done. =:) And Ms. Sharon bought everyone ice cream which was very generous. Thank you Ms. Sharon.

third day of info matrix camp

Posted by MB Jul 21st

Today was the third day of camp. We toured TU's library, McFarlin. I had already seen most of it before... I had not seen the tie that James Joyce once wore though. I thought that was pretty cool. I have a list of fifty books I need to read before I die, and his 800 page novel, Ulysses, is on it.

We Did That!!!

Posted by TC Jul 21st

Today we went to many different places. Such as........

The McFarlin Library, we had an awesome tour. We got to see the special collections library. They had a book in that library that was 910 years old Talk about stretching your age. You could tell it was old, but it still had a lot of TLC, and it was written in another language. The tour guide didn't know what language it was written in, he guessed German. Mom if it was then you could have read some of it

Then we went to The TU Law Library, and at there we also took a tour. It was also fun. We talked to a librarian that worked there, she seemed very confident. She didn't stumble on words or anything in that manner.

After that we went to The OU campus for lunch. We first had a tour through their medical library it was actually surprisingly small. FOR NOW After that tour we went and ate some lunch they had prepared for us, it was ok Then we went out to where they were building their new library. The construction site was awesome!!!!

Then we went to the museum for the day. It is called The Tulsa Historical Society, it was a house these people built got bored after ten years and then left. The sad part was people wanted to tear it down. so the museum people bought it, and made it into what it is today.

Now I sit here in the computer lab writing all this stuff no one will probably read



Posted by SA Jul 21st

Today was fun. The best part had to be the part where we went to the Tulsa Historical System. The scavenger hunt was very fun!!! I like the red old-school Ford truck. Today I overslept,but once the day got started I really had some fun!!! The ice-cream was a great touch to my day! I now even know what a Law Librarian is. That is a first.... all in all I had fun today!

Today was fun

Posted by BB Jul 21st

Today was a lot of fun. We went to the McFarlin Library then we went to the Law Library on the TU campus we also ate lunch at OU in Tulsa which was really good. There was other places we went to that was fun but i was glad when we got to go to Braum's and i also thanks Ms. Sharon for that. . One more thing i kind of liked was the walking because i needed the exercise..


Posted by V Jul 21st

So today we went to the library. Or one of the many libraries that we have been going to. You shall have to excuse me because I have a hard time remembering the names of where we went Wherever we went we had a ton of fun. Doing treasure hunts, or clue hunts, eating ice cream, taking tours and so on and so forth, and again and again. So now I am going to make a mixbook, so ta, ta.

The Commons Got Talent!!!

Posted by TC Jul 21st

Tonight we had a talent show there was many acts. We had a magic act, where two people got together and did a card trick. We also had a couple of people sing. One was a girl named who Emma sang a song and when it got to the middle she said stopped and said a joke. Another girl named Tobie got nervous when she first went up to sing, but after the music hit her she couldn't stop dancing and singing along with the song. There was also prize money. If you won you got given two dollars. I'm pretty sure you are wondering who the winner was well.......... drum role please. By a vote 5 to 3 the winner was Tobie our courageous singer

High, or Hi!!!

Posted by V Jul 22nd

Today we went and saw the Afican-American, American-Indian, and Hispanic, resource centers. We toured the areas and got to look around by ourselves. I had a lot of fun. We also went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. We toured that as well and got to sit in an airplane cockpit. Then we watched a space movie about planets and such stuff. My favorite planet was the one that was covered with lava. I also really liked the one that was covered with water.

Now I am going to start/continue working on my Mixbook album.


Posted by M Jul 22nd

Today we went to the Hispanic, Native American, and the African-American Resoursce Centers. At the Hispanic Resource center Ms. Martinez explained how she organized her library since it was a spanish speaking community. There they had books that were in spanish and english. At the Native American Resource center we saw a displays of beads and a really pretty sucplture thing that had a turtle in the middle. At the African-American Resource Center we learned about the 1921 Tulsa Riot. They also provided lunch for us and we watched Hotel for Dogs while we ate. After lunch we went to the Tulsa Air and Space musemum and we got to sit in a training plane. Its been a good day.

day 4

Posted by C Jul 22nd

today we went to 3 resource centers. i learned some pretty cool stuff. the air and space museum was cool but we didnt get to actually do a whole lot stuff. i dont really have an opinion about the planetarium, because i fell asleep, along with most of us. im kind of excited for the play at hardesty, but im afraid ill fall asleep again.


Posted by D Jul 22nd

went to central library and rudisill library it was cool but the best was the air and space museum and planetarium the air and space was cool especially getting into the jet and the planetarium well i slept through it all but it was all cool.


Posted by BB Jul 22nd

Today was another day of fun. We learned about 3 different cultures i think thats what it was but oh well. That was fun because one thing I'm hispanic and it was all interesting. The Tulsa Air and Space muesum was fun. Can't wait until tomorrow because we get to go to the Drillers game.


Posted by SB Jul 22nd

We went to a airplane thing the it was fun, espically when we got to the thing where u sit in a chair and climb the rope. We went to a space thing and watched a movie about space.. at lunch we had Mazzios... and watched hotel for dogs and [SB] is so tired!!

my wonderful,world of a day

Posted by SA Jul 22nd

Today was fun like always. I enjoyed going to the different cultural sites. Like the Hispanic Resource Center, Native American Resource Center, and the African American Resource Center. It was really fun. I even won a prize from Mrs. AL {African American Resource Center}. It was a carry around digital clock. I had fun going to the space center. I took lots of pics no dought! I would like to end this paragraph saying I had a really fun day, and congradts to all the Talent Show Contestants!!!!!


Posted by V Jul 23rd is a really happy, kinda sad (okay-more than kinda sad) day. We all have to go home tomorrow. That's the really sad part. I mean who wants to go home? Defiantly not me, that's for sure.

Today we went to the OSU Tulsa Library, and the OSU Medical Library. They were really cool. We got to watch some funny videos at the OSU Library about libraries trying to get people to come into them. At the Medical Library we got to hear a police officer speak. I remember his first name "Larry." He was really cool and he told us stories about different things and situations he has been in the last 15 years. We also went to the Gilcrease Museum. It was totally amazing. We got to do a little game and find stuff. We also toured the building and froze in the process. I don't know why but libraries are always cold. Correction: Libraries and Museums are always cold.

So anyway in case your I really forgot what I was going to say.

Well I guess i'll say bye. BYE :-(

I had a really fun time at camp, and I am really hoping, and praying, and hoping, and praying, that I can come back next year.

Untill then, I'll keep blogging, and I hope you'all will too.

fifth day of info matrix camp

Posted by MB Jul 23rd

Today we went to OSU Tulsa, and had a tour of the small library there. Then we went to the Gilcrease Museum. They had several exhibits there. My favorite was the American one. They had copies of the Articles of Confederation. That was interesting. Then we took a look at their library.


Posted by B Jul 23rd

i really liked revisiting the Gilcrease Museum and the medical library but i am sad cause I Have To Wait A Whole Year To See You Guys Again! I have had some much fun with all of you i will miss all of you

my wonderful,mestical,day

Posted by SA Jul 23rd

The best part of my day was.... when we went to the museum. Even though it was strict on rules I had a terrific time. I also had fun going to OSU. That was very interesting. I had fun when we went to their library. Any way today was super(well it is the beginning of it)!!! I really enjoyed Hi-D's shoulder...... that sleep was awesome!!! I dreamed of a new librarian.... the singing sensation!!!! It is a librarian who sings and dances to get his/her point across. Well that is it.... bye-bye!!!

Wonderfully Sad

Posted by TC Jul 23rd

Today was a wonderful day except for one fact, last day of camp I had a wonderful time going to libraries and the museum that we went to today.

1st library for the day was the OU Medical Library which was very big. Not much more to say about it now.

2nd library for the day was OSU Library which also was quite interesting.

NOW MY FAVORITE THE MUSEUM I museums especially art museums. And that was the type we went to today!!!!!


Posted by BB Jul 23rd

Today is the last day of camp but today isn't over yet because tonight were going to a Drillers baseball game at the new stadium and i can't wait. Anyway we went to the Gilcrease Museum just a little bit ago and it was fun because we got to see a lot of paintings. Well I'll miss camp but i had a GREAT, AWESOME time and i made great friends. I'll always blog when i can which will probably be everyday.


Posted by ED Jul 23rd

Can you guys believe that today is the last FULL DAY of camp? It's CRAZY! We've all made so many friends (new and returning campers) along the way. I need everybody's phone number so that we can keep in touch. Miss you all when camp is over!

It's been cold all day!!!

Posted by M Jul 23rd

Today we went to the OSU Center for Health Sciences and the regular OSU. After that we went to the Gilcrease Museum and looked at all their paintings, sculptures, and old books. It was fun.

info camp last day

Posted by CK Jul 23rd

Today we went to the museum and it was so much fun. I wish i could go there again. My favorite piece of art work was the Green on the river it was so beautiful.

goodbye from blog

Posted by B Jul 23rd

I have had some much fun with all of you and i have gotten to know my friends from last year better and i got some new friend! I will miss all of you and i hope you can survive the year because i cant wait till next years camp!

i'm dying here!!!

Posted by SA Jul 23rd

I'm sad that it is the last day...... but you know it was fun.... bye every1 reading this!!! I will miss all of you!!! I thought I would NO friends and now that i do..... i dont want to leave!!!!!!


Posted by V Jul 23rd

Were saying bye to the blog people. Because some people may not get back on. Which I really hope they will after camp is over. But for now if they don't.


They continued to blog for more than three months.


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