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Oklahoma School Librarians Division
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The purpose of the Oklahoma School Librarians Division (OKSL) is to bring together school librarians for a concerted effort to improve school library programs in the state of Oklahoma; to stimulate professional growth by offering workshops on topics of concern to school librarians; to plan and present programs at the Annual Conference of significance to school librarians; and, to cooperate with other divisions, roundtables and committees which have activities common to the services of school librarians.

Chair: Amanda Kordeliski

  1. Presides at the Fall Meeting, the OKSL meeting at the OLA Annual Conference, and all Executive Board meetings.
  2. Appoints committees to facilitate the work and objectives of the organization. These committees might include:
    1. Nominating Committee
    2. Legislative Network Committee
    3. Awards committee(s)
    4. Public Relations Committee, including editor and staff of Powerline Online.
    5. Other ad hoc committees
  3. Represents the organization in an official capacity and acts as spokesperson for the Association in all established policies.
  4. Serves on the OLA Executive Board, which meets monthly and on the OLA Program Committee.
  5. Serves as OKSL Program Chair for the OLA Annual Conferences. This involves making all preparations for the organization including place and time, reservations, speakers, etc. with the approval of the OLA Executive Board.
  6. Serves as editor of the School Library Media Column for the Oklahoma Librarian.
  7. Submits an annual budget request to the Chair of OLA and an annual program budget for the spring conference; prepares the OKSL operating budget and presents it for approval of the OKSL membership at the Fall meeting.
  8. Calls and presides at a “turnover” meeting at the end of his/her term of office to facilitate the induction of new officers; transfers all OKSL records in his/her possession to the incoming Chair by July 1st.
  9. Serves as an official representative for OKSL at the American Association of School Librarians Conference and/or ALA Midwinter (if an ALA/AASL member). The OKSL Executive Board will budget at the beginning of each year an amount toward 37 expenses incurred to attend conferences. If the Chair cannot attend, he/she will appoint an alternate.
  10. Presents all awards at the appropriate meetings.


Chair-Elect: Ashleigh Dautermann

  1. Presides at meetings in the absence of the Chair. If the Chair cannot complete his/her term of office, the Chair-elect automatically succeeds to the office of Chair.
  2. Revises and updates the Constitution and Officer Handbook as needed. Suggestions for revision must be submitted for approval of the OKSL and OLA Executive Boards 30 days prior to the OLA Executive Board meeting. Provides copies of the Constitution and Handbook for all officers and Committee chairs at the turnover meeting.
  3. Transfers all OKSL records in his/her possession to the incoming Chair-elect by July 1st.
  4. Serves in the office for a two-year term.



  1. Prepares and sends a list of new officers to the Executive Director of OLA and AASL after the OLA Annual Conference in the spring.
  2. Records minutes of all OKSL Executive Board meetings and the business meetings, with copies of the same to all officers and members of the Executive Board, and the OLA Executive Director.
  3. Arranges for OKSL mailings with the OLA Executive Director.
  4. Transfers all OKSL records in his/her possession to the incoming secretary by July 1st.
  5. Serves in the office for a two-year term.



  1. Receives and deposits in a special account all monies received by OKSL. All monies shall be deposited immediately, and quarterly financial statements will be sent to the elected officers of OKSL. This will include reservations and monies for the OKSL activities at Encyclo-Media and may include exhibitors’ fees and registration fees at Encyclo-Media.
  2. Keeps financial records up to date, and submits a report at each meeting of the OKSL Executive Board and at each meeting of the OLA Executive Board.
  3. Pays all bills of the organization.
  4. Presents the financial records of OKSL to the OLA Auditing Committee upon request.
  5. The auditor’s report shall be attached to the Treasurer’s Report, and copies sent to the Chair by August 1st.
  6. Transfers all OKSL records, including the Auditor’s report, to the incoming Treasurer by July 1st.
  7. Serves in this office for a two-year term.


Past Chair:

  1. Serves in an advisory capacity as a voting member of the Executive Board for one year immediately following his/her term as Chair.


ALA/AASL Assembly Delegate:

  1. Serves as the liaison between Oklahoma School Librarians and American Association of School Librarians.
  2. Attends the ALA/AASL National Conferences and AASL Delegate Assembly, participates in the deliberations of the Delegate Assembly, and votes on resolutions and other business of the assembly. The OKSL Executive Board will budget at the beginning of each an amount toward expenses incurred to attend conferences. If the ALA/AASL Assembly Delegate cannot attend, the OKSL Executive Board will appoint an alternative.
  3. Represents Oklahoma School Librarians in issues, special concerns, and resolutions as discussed and voted upon in all meetings of the American Association of School Librarians.
  4. Attends and votes at all meetings of the OKSL Executive Board.
  5. Prepares a written report for OKSL to be presented at the annual fall meeting (Encyclo-Media).
  6. Prepares a written article to be included in each issue of Information Powerline.
  7. Holds this office for four consecutive years. If he/she resigns or is otherwise unable to complete the term of office, the OKSL Executive Board will appoint a replacement to finish the term of office.
  8. Has the following qualifications for this office:
    1. Those specific in Article VI of the OKSL Constitution
    2. Personal membership in OLA, OKSL, ALS, and AASL
    3. Experience/participation in OLA and OKSL
    4. Experience/participation in ALA and/or AASL


Awards Chair: Molly Dettmann


Legislative Chair:

Oklahoma School Librarian Awards Guidelines and Nomination Forms

Timeline for 2019-2020 OKSL Awards:

  • Nominations for Technology in Education Award due August 19th, 2019
  • Nominations for The Polly Clarke Award and the Barbara Spriestersbach Award due March 2nd, 2020.

Guidelines and forms for OKSL awards:

  • The Technology in Education Award (Given every fall) – To honor an Oklahoma school librarian in which a twenty-first century model of technology integration is a vital component of their teaching.
  • The Polly Clarke Award (Given every spring)– To honor an Oklahoma school librarian who has been instrumental in the establishment of an exemplary school library that serves the instructional needs of teachers, students, and administrators.
  • The Barbara Spriestersbach Award (Given in the spring on even years)- To identify and reward an Oklahoma teacher or team of teachers who practices cooperative instructional planning and teaching in an exemplary manner with a school librarian.
  • The Oklahoma School Administrator Award (Given in the spring on odd years)– To honor an administrator's contribution (project, program effort) that promoted school library services and the improvement noted as a result of their efforts.

Past Award Winners

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